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October 12 2017

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reposting again! i’m a fall tomcat goddess.



tarot readings but with pokemon cards

Totally valid way to do it! I’m sure there are several that have decks on here.

October 11 2017





I was nearly speechless when I saw this, then I remembered that was Silent’s thing.
So instead I got mad. What kind of world do you live in where that was acceptable to say, even with that preface?
I don’t care if it is “only an observation,” your bias rings through what you say. This kind of comment serves only one purpose. To demean and belittle.
I have the feeling that if external appearances matched internal, you’d be a lot less quick to judge others’ beauty.

This is a staggering level of bullshit here. OP has really outdone themselves.

I for one have never in my life seen any otherkin who weren’t beautiful. So let’s prove them wrong! If you’re comfortable please reblog and add a selfie. Let that light in your otherkin soul shine out through a human face. Show the world that we are all beautiful. 

-Mod Corvid, who can’t participate because we’re anonymous

I’m not /that/ conventionally attractive, but I’m told that still I’m pretty cute for someone with the body shape of a D&D dwarf!



That’s what you’ve been hiding from us?

I’d rather say you’re a fox than a dhole cos damn.

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did someone already do this one

October 08 2017

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Dance with me?

I’m dying here

… I have missed so much shit in this comic holy crap.

October 07 2017

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DUDE THIS IS IN ST. LOUIS. I LITERALLY KNOW WHERE THIS IS. WHO ARE YOU MYSTERY PERSON? I AM EXCITED EVEN THOUGH WE MAY NOT GET ALONG DUE TO PERSONALITY DIFFERENCES. (Also I always thought it was someone being lazy to give it that address, like they just said ‘fuck it’.)







i just found out merriam webster has a time traveler feature that tells you some of the words that were “born” the same year as you. it’s pretty neat yall should do this

appropriately, mine include “geek out” and "world wide web.”

mine include “queer theory” and “emo”, how very apropo

anime, boy band, codependence, drag-and-drop, elephant in the room, Vietnamese potbellied pig

“dirt,” “rock,” “fire,” “sun”

Wait. You guys had named the sun back then?

October 06 2017



Server rules:

  • General respect rules apply.

  • Yes, you can bullshit and be sarcastic and insult people with love, but please be sure to make it apparent. If you aren’t sure, feel free to add /sarcasm, /shot, and other such things to make it clear.

  • No politics at all.
  • Ask before advertising. Wait for two people to weigh in before you start to throw out links.
  • No NSFW content.

Spoilers chat should keep spoilers to a clear topic.

  • No shouting out spoilers for random things.

Radio chat is only for posting music links, be it Youtube, Vimeo, or whatever.

  • This way if chat’s really active, you don’t lose the video and scroll for ages trying to find it to pause it.

Headcanon-Speculation is for general discussion of headcanons and seeing what else others think on the topic at hand.

  • As of yet, there are no rules for this channel other than to not rain all over someone’s parade. It’s okay to gently ask about existing canon tying into the headcanon or how they came up with it.

We now have Color roles! If you’re interested in changing your color, please post +giveme [role] in #botspam! You can also use +giveme list Here’s a list of our present colors!


That’s all for now.

(Please use this link if the above does not work.)

‘Eyyy! Update that made things far less complicated! Also, we’re using a new bot for roles - you now no longer have to take off a color when you put one on.

October 03 2017


October 02 2017

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Why should Germans be the only ones having this kind of fun Fellow citizens of the United States I nominate Wyoming

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you-  the Bielefeld Conspiracy

You shouldn’t spread this kind of nonsense. Non-German followers may believe that Bielefeld actually exists.

the oldest yet biggest german meme


I can’t say for certain that I believe in Finland’s existence.

Mirage said something similar of the Dakotas not existing. Not sure the story behind it though.



you’d think the hellboy nsfw tag would be thriving and endless but apparently this website is made of cowards

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I just vomited my small intestine

This is the shit Justin was referring to 😡😡😠

October 01 2017


Today was a pretty damn good day. But now that I’m heading to bed, I feel heartsick somehow…

September 30 2017

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Starlight Glimmer by Wilvarin-Liadon

Do not remove the caption, thank you!

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Sometimes the help you need isn’t the help you want. Call 1-800-273-8255 if you’re thinking of suicide.

This comic meant a whole lot to me. It was sincere in its depiction and treated the issue through the eyes of a grounded person. Not some godly hero saying everything is better than it seems, but a person trying his best before bringing her somewhere who can actually help.

❤️ this

This looks… ENTIRELY different from what I usually see of this strip. She *doesn’t* know that he’s been texting the staff and she’s scared about going in. He didn’t TELL her this. Is this an unedited version??? I’m on mobile and can’t check the OP yet.

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Rarity by Wilvarin-Liadon

Do not remove the caption, thank you!

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Princess Mi Amore Cadenza (Cadence) by Wilvarin-Liadon

Do not remove the caption, thank you!

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Princess Twilight Sparkle [redraw] by Wilvarin-Liadon

Do not remove the caption, thank you!

September 29 2017

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Princess Flurry Heart (adult) by Wilvarin-Liadon

Do not remove the caption, thank you!

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