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June 27 2017

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So the server had it’s fifth attempted implosion. This is the second one that actually did some damage. All because people can’t read and didn’t address it before it happened so it could have been combated.

My mental energy is near depleted and my mental health is beginning to perk up.


Coconut oil is about as healthy as beef fat or butter


I’m just going to leave this here.

Not trying to be a dick, but I thought real butter, if used properly, can help combat diabetes? Not margarine or oil-based butters, but actual dairy butter.


timmy turner was a horrible person






dude generally meant well and more importantly Was Ten so cut the kid some slack dan

He’s actually sixty years old, though. No really, in a special it was revealed Cosmo granted Timmy’s wish for everyone to stop aging so he could keep his fairy godparents forever and then wished for Cosmo to forget he granted the first wish, and it was literally fifty years before anyone found out.


Wait what

In case if yall don’t think its true…..

OH MY GOD IT’S FROM THE TENTH MOVIE. (When the hell did they get ten movies???)

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Even the playing field. Bring on the ridiculous bulge physics.

OH I WISH. Gimme something to ogle :| I don’t mind the boobs sometimes, but it gets old and excessive.


Is there a blog for Manannan like there is for Hestia (homehearthandheart)?

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The White House has decided to not include Gauthier Destenay, the first gentleman of Luxembourg. Destenay, who is married to openly gay Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, is the only name not included by the White House in this caption.

I am unable to comprehend the level to which this country has lowered itself. I cannot actually believe that we are now pretending gay people do not exist. The pathetic and reasonless place that the United States has gone takes away any pride I have to be an American. Every time I start to find forgiveness in my heart for those who voted for this administration, something like this happens and it reminds me exactly why they earned the nickname they have: DEPLORABLES. Pathetic. Stupid. Ignorant.

We are literally pretending that the first Gentleman of a country doesn’t exist. Just think about how worthless you have to be to stand for this.

Apparently, there has since been an edit to this? I dunno what it was since this was done back in May (’17)


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Some explanations…

Thank youuu

Guivre is actually the wyrm, Heraldic is the “dragon”, Lungs have three toes, Ryus have four :| Nice to see some love to Amphiptere and lindworm, however. Drakes are generally considered males though I think.

June 26 2017

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Penises should not be that cute!

What are you talking about?? THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE THIS CUTE.

June 25 2017



On my schedule today was a  pancake tortoise that was coming in because it wasn’t eating. I got all of my examination equipment ready and went into the exam room to get started. A young man was sitting in a chair with a shoebox on his lap. We chatted for a bit and then I started asking him questions about his tortoise.

I found out he had purchased the tortoise from a reptile show 8 years ago and that it lived in a ten gallon aquarium with gravel for substrate. It’s diet consisted of lettuce and carrots. Only. The only water provided was from a spray bottle that was used to mist the cage every other day. There was no heat, UV light, cage decor, hide, nothing. I wrote everything down and asked him for the box.

I opened the box and looked inside and nearly lost my composure. Inside was a stunted, gnarled creature about 4 inches long with a grossly abnormal shell. I took him out and put him on the table and pulled himself across the table bits and pieces of his carapace fell off. I don’t mean the scutes, I mean the actual pieces of bone that make up the shell. You could see his organs through gaps in his ribs.

“I will be right back” I said and grabbed the tortoise and went into the treatment room. I was so angry that my hands were shaking. Calculating some dosages I handed them to my tech and asked her to draw up pain medication and a sedative. “Did he approve this?” she asked.

“No. I don’t care. Please draw it up and give this IM.”

Slowly I walked back into the room. I asked the owner how long the tortoise had been like that. He wasn’t sure. He had just stopped eating a day ago. Up until then it was perfectly healthy.

“Your tortoise has been very poorly taken care of. If he were a dog this would be considered animal abuse. Because he is a reptile I am not very likely to get far with the authorities so I’m gonna make you a deal. You sign him over to me and pay for the examination and you can go.”

He thought about it and told me no, it was his tortoise. I asked why he didn’t take care of it. “I thought I was” was his response.

“Why doesn’t he have any source of heat?”

“I didn’t know they needed it.”

“Why didn’t you give him UV light?”

“I didn’t know they needed it.”

“You are telling me that you never opened a book, magazine, internet care sheet, nothing to find out how to care for a tortoise?”

“Yeah. I just thought I knew.”

We talked some more and I finally convinced him to sign the tortoise over. I went back to check on him and he looked even worse. More of his shell had fallen off. I could see his lungs now. I decided it would be for the best to humanely euthanize him so he wouldn’t suffer anymore.

In this day and age “I didn’t know” is not a valid excuse. You can look up anything on your phone from who invented pizza to where the closest movie theater is. There are literally hundreds of books, websites, and internet forums all about reptile care. You can call any veterinarian before purchasing an animal and ask them about their care and I promise you they will talk to you.

I am no longer going to gently nudge people in the right direction husbandry wise. I will no longer tell them “well, lots of people make that mistake, it’s ok”. I am going to call it like it is and if an animal is suffering they will know it is abuse. There is zero excuse for this.

It is sad that reptiles and other exotics don’t have the “cute” factor other animals do. No one would allow an owner to get away with feeding their dog nothing but potato peelings  because they just “didn’t know” and yet it is perfectly fine to own a reptile and watch it slowly starve to death because someone “didn’t know” it needed to eat insects.

Iguanas that live in cages so small they can’t turn around. Tortoises kept without the proper heat gradient. Monitor lizards over fed until they are morbidly obese and can’t even walk. This is all abuse and it is wrong. Unfortunately reptiles are survivors and they can be dying for YEARS before anything is noticed. Owners confuse being alive with being healthy far too often.

I simply cannot stand by and watch this happen anymore. I allowed myself to be drawn into the “well, exotics are different, people just don’t know” mind set and did lots of hand holding while owners declined or refused my recommendations. From now on I promise I will flat out tell people it is animal cruelty and will have to make a phone call if things don’t change. It will not make me a popular vet nor a rich one but at least I will be able to sleep at night.

My challenge to everyone is that if they notice an animal being abused politely but firmly call the owner out. There is no need to internet shame, threaten violence or bully someone. Simply tell them what they are doing is wrong, their animal is suffering and they need to fix it. There are numerous reliable resources to find the proper information. If they won’t fix it the proper authorities need to be contacted.





i love how the spirit netflix show literally opens on a shot of the family on a train aka literally the thing spirit tried to stop being built in the original movie

While I get the point, Spirit didn’t try to stop the train from being built. He was trying to get free from the harness. Not for any moral reasons or anything, he just wanted out of there because he was like “fuck this shit I’m going home”

um, no

Immediately prior to that screenshot, Spirit watched another horse collapse from exhaustion. Either in death or passing out, and knew that they would make more horses fall the same way.

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You’d imagine that a student with a grade point average of 4.4 and multiple scholarships would have to do something pretty extreme to get suspended from school for two weeks AND banned from their graduation, right? Wrong. Because this student from Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina just got suspended, and almost ARRESTED, for nothing more than wearing a shirt. It wasn’t emblazoned with cuss words. Nor did it contain offensive imagery. It was, as you can see below, just a normal-looking shirt, but her high school principal said it violated the Hickory Ridge dress code.

Summer was sitting in the cafeteria last week when the principal told her to cover the offending item of apparel with a coat. Despite Summer complying with the request, the principal, this time accompanied by the school security officer, then sent her to the control room to change her shirt entirely.

“The security guard was within five feet of me,” Summer told WCNC. “He had his hand on his gun. The principal said, ‘I’m gonna give you an ultimatum. We have tried to call your mother. You either come with me to the control room to change your shirt or we will arrest you.’” This time Summer refused and ended up being suspended for “insubordination.” She’s also been banned from all end-of-year events, which includes her own graduation. (Source)

June 24 2017

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Someone give this man a megaphone.

Reblog the hell out of this - please. Even those of you who are not in the US. You have Us followers and this is obscene.



It really tickles me that the entirety of Manos: The Hands of Fate is just fucking uploaded on the WIki article about it. More movies should be doing that.

Wheeeere? It’s regarded as the worst movie of all time I WANT TO LAUGH AT IT’S BEING UPLOADED TO WIKI.

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June 14 2017

Play fullscreen







Dropped off the radar for a bit, but I did make this eldritch insult to nature. Hit the play button if you love to watch wretched bastard creatures suffering!

This is is a stop motion I made with a needle felted shrew monster the size of a German Shepherd , as well as some plastic bugs, funyuns, and a payday bar. The worst candy bar.

please watch the boy

so i was expecting this to be creepy and scary but i wanted to watch it because i’ve never seen stop motion felt sculptures before.

this was a good decision, its not scary its endearing and i want to hug this beautiful mess of a creature.

same, i love him, i want to protect him, i want to see him grow up to be big and strong

Is… is the soundtrack to this from a video of a porcupine eating a pumpkin?

:3 …..oui

(multiple videos of talkative porcupines, chopped up and slowed to 65% speed)


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