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May 19 2018


Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I’m unfollowing people that spout misandry. I don’t have time, patience, or the mental health/spoons to deal with that kind of toxicity.




I took my meds too close to bedtime again and I need you all to know the dream I had last night involved Robin Williams becoming the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Not, a character portrayed by Robin Williams, just Robin Williams as himself running around Hogwarts doing wandless magic and being as loud and big as possible because and I quote before I forget:

“Listen, children, I’m not saying all this bad shit that is happening isn’t scary and you shouldn’t be concerned–because you should!–but I’m telling you this now for free. Life is a boggart, it’s the biggest boggart of them all. You never know what it’s going to look like one moment to the next. And sometimes you just gotta laugh. It’s okay to laugh. It’s part of the grieving process. You need to grieve before you can heal. But it’s okay to laugh while you’re doing it.”

I didn’t wake up right after that, some more stuff happened in a hazy sort of way as the dream began to dissolve into conciousness, but I remember him yelling Expecto Patronum as he punched a Death Eater in the face. Because sometimes, evidently, you have to make your own happy memories.

“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

—Hook (1991)


Actually, I’ve come to realize one major thing I hate about this site:

It’s great having fat positivity and solidarity, but can we also have some positivity and solidarity for those that are chubby and fat that want to lose weight? That aren’t happy with it??? Just like… please?

Edit: Oh! And the misandry. The misandry is really irritating.


It’s been refreshing being away from this hellscape and just staying on Imgur. Got to get back in my own head. Got to see a lot of cute animals and other stuff. It was really, very nice. Probably going to go through my followed list and do some cleanup. Also probably won’t because not everyone constantly posts content I’m not interested in. It’ll be an interesting journey.




idk if men know this but

if you have to beg a girl into saying yes, it’s not consensual. if you make a girl feel bad for not wanting to have sex with you to the point where she says yes, it’s not consensual. if you have to trick a girl into saying yes, it’s not consensual.

so many fucking men in the comments saying “guess i haven’t ever had consensual sex then lol”

yeah. you haven’t, you rapist fucking creep

Idk about the rest of you, but I like the begging. I might be annoyed or not wanting to have sex, but I’m still entertained all the way as I get worn down.

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This atrocity pulled into the liquor store as I was walking out. Jesus Fistfucking Christ. via Shitty_Car_Mods

shitty car mods really dont know what its about, this is literally the dream car

It’s like a cotton candy car!!! 😍😍😍

The ultimate transportation

Okay, but like…

this is LITERALLY the only way I’d buy a hummer



you know what i need??? more myth and superstition in scifi.

give me starship captains like the sailors of old, weathered and wary of the vast beast that is deep space, who religiously keep their own personal traditions and rituals to appease her and guide their ships safely through her vast depths.

give me wide-eyed ensigns eagerly drinking in tales of great creatures of the void, space whales and other more malevolent leviathans, dismissed as tall tales by more cynical cadets who only trust the sense of their own eyes.

give me whispered accounts of ghost vessels, lost long ago in great battles across the universe, populated by a literal skeleton crew.

give me a space bermuda triangle.

give me a universe as cold and unfathomable as the ocean, and no less mysterious and forboding.

It doesn’t quite fit it, but this does make me think of the Well of Souls..





hi your local jew here reminding you that cherubim, seraphim, nephilim, and words of that nature ARE PLURAL and therefore should not be used to refer to a singular one of these creatures like i see every day of my g-dforsaken life

a single instance would be referred to as a cherub, a seraph, a nephil, et cetera

these words originated from hebrew, and in hebrew -im and -ot are our plural endings. so if you say, like, nephilim in order to refer to a single nephil, it’s like you’re saying “look, a dogs!” it just doesn’t match up and you look really silly

goyim you can reblog please do so to spare yourselves and your friends from this thing that i legitimately see everywhere i turn

So is the singular of goyim just goy?

Yes it is

I had zero knowledge about any of this except maybe goy/goyim. Really glad to see this.

April 13 2018


I haven’t forgotten you guys, I’m not neglecting you.. I’m just more active on Twitter and have had my interest in this site wane for now. I won’t be deleting, no worries about that.

March 31 2018

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The f**k is this shit?

It’s a lateral thinking problem, that’s what it is.



Seeing as Kefnet conjuring fucking gigantic hands to terrify the shit out of people with is canon i should have made that much larger

… those are yaoi hands…








I like everyone @‘ing me over Legolas in the background. Like does everyone else not have a life size cardboard cutout of Orlando Bloom in their living room?

I have many regrets in my life, Legolas the party elf is not one of them.

Joy, this is beautiful. 

This is the first thing people see when they come into our home. Truly, I am living my best life.

When you forget to turn your party elf off and get up to get a glass of water and almost have a heart attack in your living room at fOuR IN THE BLOODY MORNING


That’s not a patry elf in the dark, that’s the damn ghost of Christmas past whAT DID YOU DO???

March 29 2018







My entire world has been shattered by the realization that Garfield is an entirely plausible warrior cats name. A gar is a fairly common species of fish, and the cats of course know what a field is.
This knowledge is a great burden.

An important detail that I feel shouldn’t be ignored: Garfield would only be the name of a warrior, elder, or medicine cat. Other ranks/ages have assigned suffixes, meaning Garfield would also, at some point, hold the names:



and, if fortune favors the cat in question,



thanks! I want to burn this from my memory and the earth in general

Garfield, the sibling to Mountaindew and Smokeweed.


March 23 2018


I’m just… so tired…

I need those benefits…

March 21 2018


How do you retrain yourself to like a certain job type you used to absolutely adore? I’m beginning to worry that campaigns have ruined me for call centers, but I’m not sure if it’s my mental health instead. Maybe I’m looking at work in the short term, day by day, instead of month by month.

At the same time.. Let’s see how I am at the end of work. This is only day 7.

And I’m finding myself more interested in an office environment.

Why am I finding I need a more social element?

March 20 2018


March 19 2018

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I’m not sure messy eater really covers it.

Gymnothorax fimbriatus


God, but Manannan would love her i think.

March 18 2018





@aturinfortheworse @edderkopper




And here we see the two split sides of Manannan’s followers.

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To celebrate finally buying myself a Cintiq, I made some new adoptables!! These cuties are so excited to finally meet everyone!! :D

All ponies are $7 USD. Please read the rules before you adopt! Send me a message here or Instagram if you’re interested in one of these ponies~

1. PayPal only please. No DA points or other forms of payment.
2. Trades and Resells are not allowed.
3. You’re free to change names, cutie marks, and MINOR details. The pony should still be recognizable.
4. You will receive a HQ .png of you pony without the large watermark. It will include a color palette.
5. Buyer is allowed to repost HQ image with large watermark and credit.
6. Take good care of them!

1) Galaxy Glitter - OPEN
Species - Unicorn
Cutie Mark - A corked beaker of poison and sparkles.

2) Whirlwind - OPEN
Species - Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark - A tornado

3) Honeycomb Drip - OPEN
Species - Earth Pony
Cutie Mark - Three dripping honeycomb and a bee.

4) Powder Snow - OPEN
Species - Unicorn
Cutie Mark - A Snowflake

Thanks! I’ll update the image as ponies are adopted!! If you can’t buy a pony but still want to support me, consider buying me a coffee.

To see available ponies from my last batch, please click here!

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