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The White House has decided to not include Gauthier Destenay, the first gentleman of Luxembourg. Destenay, who is married to openly gay Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, is the only name not included by the White House in this caption.

I am unable to comprehend the level to which this country has lowered itself. I cannot actually believe that we are now pretending gay people do not exist. The pathetic and reasonless place that the United States has gone takes away any pride I have to be an American. Every time I start to find forgiveness in my heart for those who voted for this administration, something like this happens and it reminds me exactly why they earned the nickname they have: DEPLORABLES. Pathetic. Stupid. Ignorant.

We are literally pretending that the first Gentleman of a country doesn’t exist. Just think about how worthless you have to be to stand for this.

Apparently, there has since been an edit to this? I dunno what it was since this was done back in May (’17)


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